Marathon blog : Kamga, the great big blogger

He is from Bafoussam and don’t know how to say any word in his native language, he is young, wild and free, he is a journalist and professional blogger… and since a moment he tries to write in French, even if he isn’t used to. So I’ll try to write in english, even if I really hate the idea that I could make some, many mistakes. But. Hey. I will struggle. For him, for you, for NARNIA!!!

Don’t worry if this post seems abrupt or incoherent, I’m trying to respect his writing way. Kamga is an original person, the kind who is able to wake up at three, to write four pounds of text about pop culture and drop it without any kind of advertising. Wait. He is really crazy, like a Ryan Higa you know? This youtuber can talk about a broad panel of subjects, still following his line. Not sure this sentence has any meaning. My bad. Cameroon is bilingual, but Cameroonians aren’t. Judge us. We don’t care.


Kamga, If you are used to my blog you’ve already seen his face in this post, as he was one speaker at the last Bloggers Forum. His blog is like a fresh wind, even if there’s no chance at all that you find any insights, or datas, or even pictures. But you will know his voice, as he got a podcast channel.

As you know, Tchassa, too, will be with us for the Camer Social Media Meet-Up Saturday at 15. He will come from His far village at Bafoussam, just for the occasion. Saying how much it will be interesting. And if you are kind and share this post, maybe he will accept to do a selfie with you. Maybe. Probably. I’ll ask. So save the date and stay tuned!



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  1. I just saw this now. And I am all smiles!!! Thank you for this bro. These are the kind of messages that keep me going. You’re awesome and I love you man! Keep up the amazing work you are doing.

    P.S: You are an original. We will keep fighting…FOR NARNIA!!!


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