For those who want to stop writing


My guest is called Eleanor. She is bright, friendly, and she started blogging in there shortly, and her story is like many other’s, it the story of someone who wants to give up blogging, to stop writing.


When she begins writing, she has no objectives other than this simple and very commendable one: ejecting from his mind the overflow of radioactive material that was there. Don’t laugh. It could be you.

However, she realizes she is losing more and more the flame. Her own articles bore her, and she wonders why she did what she’s actually doing. Why? For recognition? For clicks? For likes?

Lost, after an introspection she realizes she wrote for nothing in fact.

She gives up.

One day, through the web, she comes across an article about this millionaire bloggers, and the Nigerian winning 5000 US dollars per posts.

Motivated, she starts to write, then drops again, this time permanently.

Although our Eleanor is a more or less * fictional * history, the scheme is real and we see it every day.

Exciting authors who spend months without writing, hopeful writers who abandon their platform by lack of visibility, brilliant teenagers who wrote epic blogposts having abandoned for one reason or another. Often it lies in this interesting conversation:

One Day:

« Oh You own a blog? And you are writing about what? »

« All and nothing, in fact, just for fun »

« Ah you have time to lose uhng *african contemptuous look* »


Another day:

« You continued writing on *atypical title of your platform? * It was sooo great … »

« Oh this stuff? Hmm I dropped it »

It often ends like that huh.

And it ends. Like that.

A beautiful piece of hope who dies because of…  » time to lose uhng ».

Please, if you are part of this group, if you think about the relevance of your action, if you want to give up, do not. Please.


Write. Even for nothing. On your dog, your illness, what goes through your head. And if nothing goes through your head, make holes in it. If your fictions seem unsuccessful, write stories drawn from real events. If your serious subjects are ignored, add the tasteless jokes.

Short. The jokes. Because… You know. We don’t have time to lose unhg.

Brief. Write. Write ’til you burst your phalanges. One day it will win. If you gave up, try again. If you do not have readers, write about feminism or coarse music that everyone care. Like. Write.

Write on God. This is an inexhaustible subject.


Do not do it for you.

For us.

We need to hear from you.

It was the Ad’s chonicle. And I wanted to encourage you.




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