Are you entrepreneur?


Three of the five wealthiest in the world have left school before graduation to open their own business and since we all have an uncle who is entrepreneur. But basically, what is an entrepreneur?

Attempted description of a polysemous expression.

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Wabidiboo, it’s Ad, and I welcome you. If you are unsure whether or not you are an entrepreneur, you are in the right place. This series of articles will try to describe the voices that are heard most often when discussing entrepreuneuriat, knowing it is a word that is on the rise, it must be said.

Thought it is certainly not the answer to the absolute interrogation of the universe, but it is not far. But put vests please, it’ll shoot.

1-Entrepreneur doesn’t mean JobSeeker

Yup . It’s easy to get started in entrepreneurship when other professional fields have disappointed us, and one of the most frequently heard criticism shows the opposite. Entrepreneure is not Jobseeker, even if:

You work, they fire you, you become an entrepreneur. You never worked in your life, you’re bored, you become an entrepreneur. All your applications for internship have been rejected, you become an entrepreneur. Your « guy » sent you something, you open a business with indian, brasilian, guadeloupean hair, and an associated Twitter account, you become an entrepreneur. Indeed, as we have a business to our name and an immatriculation, regardless of the causes which dropped us in the field. W are an entrepreneur.

Or not.

Not actually so. It’s complicated. Despite what some may think, « Entrepreneur » is after all a legal status. If you have not found a job and you decide to enter the world of employment through entrepreneurial window, either out of spite or desperation, you are not [yet?] A failure. Simply, a stubborn person, hard worker, determined to succeed. Of course you go with a disability, since you have neither the experience nor the monitoring of your hand, And it will not be pink, you will face many pitfalls that ripping your soul and your pockets. But with will, perseverance, hope … joy, love… and … Uh … positive attitude…

Well here is a little surreal speech must say. Without the false, the blow of « invictus entrepreneur » ignores a key phenomenon that takes in a phrase: « pending », and this is the last point of this brief account: Entrepreneur is not someone doing something  « for the moment ». No. No. No.

If this is your case my brother my sister, if you throw yourself in an activity to « see what it will give, » your status is joblessness, not entrepreneurship. This is not the same word. Here. If we do not remember anything of the article, retain that.

Moreover, even if after deciding to undertake a professional failure is not a bad idea, you still have to put a small problem: If we have not been quite hard workers to get out of working for someone do not imagine that it will be easier working for ourselves. That, too, is a myth.

Hey. it’s like a tweetquote. Let’s quote it:

If we have not been quite hard workers to get out of working for someone do not imagine that it will be easier working for ourselves

In any case, all the evidence I have gleaned on the subject show me this:

If the professional world is the world of One Piece, entrepreneurship is the Grand Line. And if half companies close after the first year, that means we will toil to become the Pirate King …

In real life, you and you ended echouiez new unemployed is quite possible. That said, do not worry. Those who pass will engage in their businesses :-).

So was Ad, and in the next episode we get into the more lively of our attempt to entrepreneurship description:

« Are you an entrepreneur # 2: Entrepreneur is not pointer »

PS: If you’ve seen mistakes, it’s not my fault, it’s google translate.

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