It’s my Blirthday, And I wear Black

On March 13, two years ago, I opened my blog. It should’ve been time to make a small return, and say thank you to those who have led me here, and all those stuffs, but no.

I mean, the 13th March, two years ago, I Began my blog.

But that’s not the point.

Today, we wear black.

I have already mentioned in « The Social Breaking Dawn » series muses who  had inspired me, so no need to repeated the scenario. Today I am just sad. At the time I was talking about the size of Trunk’s pants, when I remembered my love for Henri Dikongué or my contempt for the new album Kyo, I was alone. No ties, little moods. Today, I am part of several communities. And some events affect communities. Among these, death.

Yup. Again.

Today, because I write about communication, behavior and often the media, when I learned the death of Christophe Lambert, I thought it would be nice to talk about it in an article. Two years ago I wouldn’t even have known Christophe Lambert. Today, I know that he was a talented advertiser, a story-teller not too bad, and also the CEO of EuropaCorp, Luc Besson’s studio. What? It tells you nothing? Well it was he who produced « Lucy », this super-smart girl’s TOTALLY SURREALISTIC story. Actually, to be sincere, it didn’t make me cry a lot, because he also produced “20 ans plus tard”, a film about a woman who is dating a teenager twenty years younger.

I found it a little like apology for pedophilia. A little.

I digress.

Today, a blogger broke down. I will not mention her name, decency and respect for those who personally knew her. Do not count on the fact that I tell you in detail the circumstances or otherwise, besides, I do not know and am not sure that’s relevant. Maybe I’ll put her photograph. After.

Simply, just six months ago, learning the death of a total stranger would make me neither hot nor cold. But now it touches me, not only because she practiced the same business as me, but also because she was apparently a very nice person.

I had not expected my blirthday happens like that. So, I wear black.

It was Ad’s, and tonight we wear black.


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