About bad companies

Bad company corrupts good character, a wise man stated it one day. All those who are parents know the agony it is to rid the child of bad habits borrowed from bad friends, and if you think it is better to be alone being in bad company, you are not the target of this post. Here I write for those who are the bad company.

There are actually useless or dangerous people for mental health that exist. Sometimes it’s not their fault, they are simply life’s collateral damages, but they are nonetheless poisons, and the truth, they can be perverts, fools, useless. They can be socially maladjusted *is it that? Maladjusted? no matter*. Sometimes they are evil beings in the soul, and their joy born of Calvary they inflict to their victims. Unnecessary people exist. Wicked people exist.

But what if YOU are one of those wrecks?

What if the « bad company » it’s you? Whatever your efforts? Whatever your attempts? Wherever you are?

They say « You have to flee rather than be lulled into the illusion that you will come to the « cure » when they are in front of guys *or ladies, madness isn’t sexist* like that.

But hey: If you are unbearable for someone, you aren’t necessarily with all. Perhaps you are not the problem. Maybe subconsciously, because of a lack of self confidence,  you research the company people because they reassure you in your thought pattern, which is easier than the truth. To be the « You’re crazy man » is much more easy than to be the « Mature » one.

Maybe, You think that the « interesting people » are too far from you and you prefer the « fools » simply because you’re a coward? Maybe. Think ’bout it. Because you can be sure that you won’t flee all your life.

So once in a while, okay, no problem, you were young. But If you spend your life to hear people taking you as a poison, as a wreck, it’s not good.


Because one day you will die.

In all cases, the problem is them, not you.

So, as a certain king said in a certain best-seller,

« Get Up, And

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