Are you an antisocial?

A mojyo is the japanese version of « antisocial »

The title looks a little like a psychological test for teenager, but it will not cause problems for people who are affected by what I mean. And for the others, do not worry; if you don’t know anyone that looks in any way like what I describe here in your surroundings, then you look in a mirror, you’ll see one.

Idiba bwam.

An antisocial is, to be politically correct, a « social misfit ». An individual, male or female, having more or less great difficulties to flourish in society, manifested with problems for public speaking, making friends, or improving self esteem. In short, doing all thoses things that Dale Carnegie said simple in his books. perhaps not one perceives immediately what it is, but these difficulties can sometimes take surreal proportions, from the little stutter in the presence of the opposite sex to catatonia in front of anyone other than the immediate family.

If you read this text, and if you feel concerned by what is said there, you’re an asocial. And if you’re black (by the blood or by the skin or by the soul), you are an asocial with very big problems. And if *Oh my Gawd* you are black, with this kind
of problems, AND you love soft rock music, blogging, pseudo-intellectual subjects,
This blog is for you. So, just to know: Are you an antisocial? What makes you think you’re not? What makes you feel you are?

Peace and love, Ad.

HS: It’s my first blog post in english, the first of many, I hope. But don’t be indulgent, you can laugh. Because I won’t be indulgent if you try to deal with french, or Duala.

So, as I said,

Peace and love, Ad.


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